Suffering From Cavity Wall Insulation Problems?

Over The Last 20 years, Millions of Homes in the UK Have Been Insulated With Cavity Wall Insulation!

If your property has been subject to a flood or fire, regardless of whether the damage has been restored, your cavity wall insulation could still be damaged and may need to be replaced. If you are suffering with cavity wall insulation problems, not only could this be inconvenient to you; it can also affect the value of your property.

In the event of a flood, cavity wall insulation retains high levels of moisture that is unlikely to dry out on its own. Even if the visible damp dries out on its own, it is very unlikely for the insulation to dry out. Whilst damp, your insulation can make the whole room feel cold and wet. The cavity wall insulation is also prone to sagging and shrinking and consequently exposing your room to odd damp and wet spots.

If you are suffering because of cavity wall insulation problems, then there may be help available to you Just like a flood, being subject to a fire can also leave your cavity wall insulation in a poor state. When a fire is put out, the water can sink into the walls and again make it extremely difficult to dry without removing the cavity wall insulation. If you have been unfortunate to of experienced fire damage, flood damage or poorly fitted cavity wall insulation.

Irrespective of which reason why a property is flooded, if cavity wall insulation is present then most of the time it has to be removed or replaced. If nothing is done about the cavity wall insulation then it can lead to damp, mould, condensation and higher increase of health and safety risks. It can also lead to rotting woodwork, blocked air vents and even damaged brick work. It will also degrade any future thermal quality and its performance.

Compensation For Cavity Wall Insulation Problems

If your property has been effected by any of these issues then we are here to help, we are experts in establishing and restoring the damage in order to get your property back to a safe condition. There are many companies that will help you to gain compensation for poor cavity wall insulation that will review your previous claims and see if the cavity wall insulation was correctly installed or maintained. Many work on a no win no fee basis and have shown properties to have pay-outs of up to £20,000.